This is an introduction to Bible study for newbies and long-time Bible students alike, because, let's face it, we never stop learning about God. During this three-week introductory series we'll take a look at the Bible, God, and some core Christian beliefs.

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S1E1: Who is God? (Sept. 11) ✅

It all started with God, so we thought we'd start there too. God is a big topic, but we're going to cover it (Him?!) in a week, so hold on to your hats!...

S1E2: What is the Bible? (Sept. 18) ✅

The Bible has been referred to as many things. Other religions call it "the Book". Christians call it "the Word of God" or "Scripture" or "the highest rule of faith and practice in human life." But what is it? Where did it come from? And why is it worth reading?...

S1E3: Theology Matters (Sept. 25) ✅

Deriving from the Greek theos (God) + logos (word, speech, statement of truth), "theology" literally means "words about God". With the Bible as God's method of self-revelation, what are the key ideas, concepts and precepts that God reveals?...

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