S2E3: Resurrection Life

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Beginnings /:3:/ Resurrection.
Jesus told His disciples, "I am the resurrection and the life" (John 11:25) as he performed the miraculous sign of resurrection to demonstrate His power over death. This is one of seven "I Am" statements in the Gospel of John that further reinforces who Jesus is and the promise we have in following Him.

Scripture Covered: John 11-12
Themes: Resurrection, eternal life, the 'I Am' sayings of Jesus, Suffering Servant, and what happens when we die?

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Resource: Gospel of John Poster

John's Gospel attempts to capture the central theme of the entire Bible (Atonement and reconciliation with God) through the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth. The story of the raising of Lazarus provides a major inflection point in the biblical narrative, and the human story, as Jesus sets the stage for His final act of love, obedience and power.

In this study Jesus affirms His claim of divinity, and demonstrates His full humanity. He then proves His supernatural power over death and reveals to the ancient world (and especially to the religious leaders of Israel) that He is the Messiah King, fulfilling the messianic prophecy of Zechariah in His triumphal entry to Jerusalem (Zech. 9:9). But we quickly learn that Jesus is a different kind of King, inaugurating a different kind of kingdom than the Jewish leaders expected.

For context of what's happening in this part of Jesus' ministry, our ministry partners at The Bible Project have a great video that explores the the "good news" or Gospel of the King and His kingdom.

We will also discuss one of life's biggest questions: what happens when we die? The narrative that we read in John 11-12 is designed to give us encouragement and confidence in life after death, with deeper understanding of who Jesus is.

If you have time, you might want to review our new post: Big Questions which offers a summary of where we've come so far in Devoted. Enjoy!

Summary and Review from our Gathering on October 16

We study the Bible as a source of truth and meaning in order to form some kind of satisfying answers to life's big questions. As we study the Bible we learn that the source of Christian truth and knowledge, which we believe is the foundation for all existential truth, is rooted in the ancient Hebrew culture and the values of Jewish traditions, which makes them worth understanding. We quickly discover the core theme of the biblical narrative is reconciliation and restoration of broken relationships that stem from the human condition— this includes restored relationships between people, and restoration of our relationship with God broken by the freedom of our own will. As we go further, we further discover a character at the center of it all who is progressively revealed through the biblical narrative— Jesus of Nazareth, the Jewish Messiah; Priest, Prophet
and King of Humanity; God incarnate.

This reinforces our preoccupation with the pursuit of truth and meaning by truly knowing: Who is Jesus and why did He have to die?

A central theme of Devoted will continually remind us to return to the central character of the Bible and the quintessential question: Who is Jesus... to me?!

Our ongoing reflection on this question requires more than intellectual exercises. The human condition is expressive, not just intellectual. Our existence is real to us because it is an existence of senses, feelings, emotion and experience. So our understanding of God must also be more than just intellectual. We must internalize an understanding (i.e. a relationship) of who Jesus is, in order for the Christian experience to become real— that is, in order for the presence of God to become active and tangible in our lives, and thus truly transformational. Let's continue to go deeper together!

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Life's Big Questions Worksheet (PDF)

Pastor Jesse Lund Pastor Jesse is a former corporate executive and an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA). He has extensive marketplace and ministry experience, and is an enthusiastic Bible teacher.

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