S3E3: The Patriarchs (Feb. 13)

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People of Promise /:3:/ The Patriarchs (Part 1): Isaac's Story.
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Scripture Covered: Genesis 21-30
Themes: The life of Isaac, son of Abraham, and how Isaac's story might be viewed as a prefiguration of the story of Jesus.
Key Question(s): Why did God ask Abraham to sacrifice Isaac? What kind of God would ask for this? Is God commanding child sacrifice? Isn’t this request in conflict with everything else God seems to value?

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Resource: Genesis Poster

The Bible has many difficult passages for modern readers, but few are more challenging than the moment when God asks Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac in Genesis 22. If the Bible is a unified story that leads to Jesus, then is Jesus connected to such a disturbing request? Is the God of love found anywhere in this passage? The good news is that the answer to both questions is, “Yes!”

On the surface, Genesis 22 is a problematic passage. But when we see how this story fits in with the broader context of Scripture, we see that this is one of the clearest stories pointing us toward God’s solution to the problem of sin and death in our world. In choosing Abraham, God launches a plan to rescue the world. Abraham’s words to Isaac ultimately point to Jesus, “God himself will provide the sacrifice.”

During this gathering, we'll look at the life of Isaac, son of Abraham, to see how his story applies to Jesus, and ultimately to us.

Summary and Review from our Gathering on February 13

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