Steve Clegg

Steve Clegg

Rancho Santa Margarita, California Steve is a devoted follower of Jesus, an enthusiastic Bible student, and gifted Bible teacher. As a Scout Master he's also adept at nurturing young adults in an understanding of the Christian faith.  

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S2E2: Miracles and Festivals (Oct. 9) ✅

Jesus' ministry was filled with miraculous signs and interpretive explanations of the ancient festivals of Israel. He made the Jewish rituals meaningful for the contemporary people of His time, and equally understandable for us today!...

S2E5: It is Finished! (Oct. 30) ✅

Nearly half of the book of John (chapters 12 – 21) is devoted to the last week of Jesus’ life. This week is marked by betrayal, pain, anguish, suffering and death. With such depressing content, how can we possibly consider it "good news"?...

S2E8: Reboot (Nov. 20) ✅

Humanity 2.0? The flood story is almost universally familiar: God commands Noah to build a giant ship and take his family and a bunch of animals onboard. Then God sends rain to flood the earth and reboot humanity! What's that all about?...

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